Understanding the Value of Our Work Together: Why I Do Not Work Directly with Insurance Providers

Working with insurance companies requires that I make a diagnosis and provide them with access to audit your file (which includes session notes), which often means a breech in confidentiality. While I celebrate sexuality, I also understand that many, if not most, of my clients value strict confidentiality above all else when working through relationship and sexuality issues. Because being reimbursed by insurance companies as a provider often compromises aspects of what I believe creates a safe, and trusting client-therapist relationship, this process does not feel right to me, especially given the kind of work I do. In fact, most sex therapists do not–and even sometimes cannot–accept insurance because the clients they serve do not meet the criteria of a DSM (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) diagnosis (e.g., there is no diagnosis for compulsive sexual behavior/sex addiction, most insurance providers do not cover couple/relationship therapy, etc.). As a result, some therapists will provide a diagnosis that is different, or loosely related to, what they are actually working on with the client(s) in order to come-up with a diagnosis that is likely to be reimbursed. Unfortunately, because this is considered fraudulent and illegal behavior it is not a liability I can put myself (or you) at risk for.

I also prefer using my time to focus on providing you the best care and support rather than in the paperwork processes that insurance companies mandate. While I do not accept insurance, I am happy to provide you with a super bill for you to submit to your insurance company/healthcare plan (e.g., out of network, flexible/health spending account, etc.) for possible reimbursement.

Understanding the value of specialized sex therapy

I understand that therapy can be a big investment of both time and money, but with the right therapist and a willingness to engage in the process, it can be extremely effective and valuable. You are essentially paying for the experience and the specialty, especially when it comes to any kind of sex therapy.

I take a unique approach to sex and relationship therapy, in particular when working with sexual behavior that feels out of control (i.e., compulsive sexual behavior/sex addiction). I am sex positive and do not prescribe to any kind of 12-step approach. I have spent years in training and am highly skilled in working with compulsive sexual behavior, sexual abuse and trauma, and with relationships of all kinds—with everyone and everything from traditional couples to polyamorous relationships to vanilla to kink. I am open-minded and well-informed/educated when it comes to sexuality, sex and gender orientation, and sexual expression, and I firmly believe that all kinds of sexual relationships and expression can be nourishing, safe, and fulfilling. 

This work is my passion. It is not just what I do. It is an integrated part of who I am. I am involved in communities and organizations that support positive expressions of sexuality and continually engage in advanced trainings to further support and guide my clients. I provide a very high level and quality of care that is personalized, attentive, and compassionate. I know both personally and professionally what it looks and feels like to struggle in relationships, engage in out of control sexual behavior, and to be a survivor of sexual abuse and trauma. I also know the value of effective therapy. Having a healthy relationship, learning how to shift compulsive sexual behaviors, and feeling free of guilt, shame, confusion, stress, and pain is invaluable.