Compulsive Sexual Behavior/Sex Addiction Counseling (OCSB)

Build awareness of your capacity to tolerate triggers and the difficult thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations in the body that drive the sexual behavior that feels out of control, in order to identify and address the underlying causes and redefine your relationship to sex.

Couple/Relationship Counseling (PACT)

Learn how to meet each other with greater openness, understanding, and acceptance through awareness of the body and more effective communication, in order to come together around challenging issues and difficult emotions.


Sex Therapy: Gender Identity, Sexuality, Sex, and Intimacy

Explore issues and challenges around gender identity, sexuality, and intimacy in order to discover what healthy sexual expression is to you, so that it can be a source of nourishment and strength in your life.

Non-Traditional Relationship Counseling (PACT)

Navigate the complexities and nuances of relationships that are polyamorous, open, swinging, etc. and/or incorporate kink, fetish play, BDSM, etc. to improve communication and bring greater clarity to the expectations, wants/needs, and desires of all partners.


Sexual Abuse and Trauma Counseling (SE)

Engage past trauma, including sexual abuse, incest, unwanted sexual encounters, etc.–with an approach that includes the body as an essential part of your experience in the process of healing.

Counseling for Sex Workers

Receive sex-positive, open-minded, and understanding support while you navigate and learn to better integrate your relationships and personal, physical, spiritual, and sexual life with your professional life.